Professional Housebreaking Program

You can have your dog AND a clean house!
Never have a mess in the house after we leave!

Our Professional Housebreaking Program is a 1 hour workshop to housebreak your dog.

We show you how to house break your dog quickly and easily.

We will also teach dogs to use a dog door, if you have one.


woman with dog on clean white sofa/recliner


woman holding dog and exclaiming in joy


 Cost: $199

Payment plan: Payment in full is required to book the appointment.
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You will need to work with your dog afterwards.

In addition, you will need to purchase a few items that are required to achieve success including a Treat pouch, clicker, special slip lead, housebreaking and hands free leash. (PlayStayTion proudly uses Dr. Sophia Yins Hands Free Leash and System in our Housebreaking Program)

You will also need to have a crate, by the time of the session, that is just large enough for your pet to lay comfortably curled up in. If you have a puppy, you can buy a crate that will be large enough to accommodate your pup when grown and use crate dividers or a non-chewable box to take up additional space until your pup grows into it. Please wait to get instruction prior to using the crate. For puppies 3 weeks of age and older and dogs of any age especially those intended to be Emotional Support Animals (ESA’s).

PlayStayTion Pet Resort using the Hamilton Chain Leash as a housebreaking aid because it is chew proof and doesn’t mar furniture legs.