Dog Training Classes with the added bonus of
Socializing Your Dog with Other Dogs!

Dog training should be free of pain, fear, and force. It should be fun for you and your dog.


In our classes, you and your dog will learn all obedience commands on and off the leash. Socialization is a big part of our classes, since all the dogs work and play off leash, except when we’re working on leash manners. Our highly qualified and experienced trainers help you to understand dog communication and to see the way dogs see the world. You’ll come away with a better understanding of how your dog sees you. Our classes are fun, because we play fun games to develop communication and bonding and to build up your dog’s attention to you.

You’ll take your training to a whole new level, paving the way for you and your dog to start an amazing new life together full of fun and freedom. In this class you will teach your dog complex behaviors you never thought possible. You will learn an artificial language to communicate with your dog!

We use the World-Famous Mirror Method Dog Training. Head trainer, Vicki Nourse, is the first American to study Mirror Method in Budapest, Hungary.

If desired, on your last session, you and your dog can take the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen Challenge (CGC) and earn that title. The CGC patch is a great symbol to show the public your dog has good manners. The CGC is the first step toward becoming a therapy dog. This certification is recommended for dogs 3 months old and older, especially those intended to be Emotional Support Animals (ESA’s).

Cost $799

Dogs learn: Eye contact, sit, walk on a loose leash, down, stay and come, respect people’s bubbles , not to jump on people or furniture, wait to be invited to take food and go through door, leave it, CGC title

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Dog Training Classes
Dog Training Classes
Dog Training Classes
Dog Training Classes
five dogs and their owners all sitting in a small group with the dogs paying attention only to their owners
multiple dogs and their owners walking in a field off-lead
100% Verifiable Customer Reviews
“At first we thought Mirror Method was just about dog training and now we see that it’s about people training. Our dog couldn’t change until we did. Shelby, our dog, had become neurotic and was acting out against people and other animals. Once we took the leadership role, we are all happier and she is well behaved”.

Dr. David and Suzie Teegarden. Dr. Teegarden is the former President and Chief Medical Officer at Mother Frances Hospital.

“These are not traditional dog training classes! As a veterinarian with ten years of training experience and a strong interest in behavior problems, I brought my exuberant Labrador to Mirror Method classes to see if we could improve his behavior around dogs and other distractions. Not only is he better behaved, but I learned how to apply the principles of Mirror Method to issues not covered in class. I especially enjoyed the fun games to learn more about my dog and myself”.

Carol E. Black, DVM, Tyler

“I have a very tough dog to control. He’s very active and headstrong. Mirror Method classes gave me total control of him, off leash, with no force. This was unimaginable to me and now it’s true”.

Abdul Abin, Floors 4 U

“The best thing about Mirror Method is that you don’t have to be rough or demeaning with your dog to establish your place as the leader. My dog is very shy and Mirror Method showed me the most amazing non violent ways of showing my dog that I’m the confident leader she’s always dreamed of following”.

Melissa Blair PhD, LPC

“My dog showed the ultimate disrespect. He ignored me, snapped and peed on people. I wanted him to be a great family dog. After graduating from Mirror Method I feel in control and my dog loves me even more”!

Dr. Heidi McKellar East Texas Medical Center Cancer Institute of Tyler and Athens

Dog Riding In Car
Dog Socializing
Classes-Dog Walking With Busy Street
Dog in Store
Vicki Nourse with Client
two happy dog owners at a dog training course
class graduation.

Vicki traveled to Budapest Hungary to learn the famous
Mirror Method Dog Training and brought the head trainer back with her.

Course is 6 weeks long and meets twice a week for 1½ hours. Of course, in order for you and your dog to learn the new behaviors taught in the classes, you will need to work with your dog between meetings.

Payment Plan:

An evaluation, proof of current vaccinations* and payment in full is required to attend the class.

Add $63.25 for required treat pouch, leash and clicker.
One last thing: Vaccinations Are Required. Dogs are required to be healthy and have proof of Rabies, Canine Distemper, Adenovirus Type 2, Parainfluenza, and Canine Parvovirus within the last 12 months and Bordetella within the last 6 months.