Bring your dog for grooming at our beautiful North Texas resort and spa. Yes, we also offer Dog Grooming at PlayStayTion Pet Resort and Training . Let us spoil and pamper your dog. You’ll love how your dog feels and smells! We offer a full range of grooming services, and our location puts us in easy range of DFW, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

Our “Regular” groom includes bath, blow dry, hair trim of face, feet & sanitary areas if desired, anal glands, clean, trim ears ears and trim nails. Our “Full” groom includes all of the above plus a complete haircut.

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Pet Chauffer

We Pick Up and Deliver to:
Allen, Ardmore, Celina, Coppell, Dallas, Denton, Durant, Flower Mound, Frisco, Gainesville, Garland, Irving, Lewisville, McKinney, Melissa, Plano, Prosper, Richardson, Sherman, The Colony, Van Alstyne.
$1/mi round trip for first pet, additional pets ride free!

Big dog getting a bath.
Little dog getting pampered.
Two fluffy dogs happy and fresh from a bath.

When it comes to dog grooming in North Texas, you can take it from the outdoorsy hound dog who likes to roll in you-know-what to the pampered princesses of the fashion world, we know just how to make all dogs all feel and more importantly, SMELL, special.

We please the most discriminating clients.

We use ProGroom Pet Support Slings for various pet grooming situations.
For example, the sling allows us to give stress free nail trims.

Dog in a special sling for nail trimming

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Grooming Prices

Standard Groom Includes

Bath, blow dry, trim face, feet and sanitary area, clean ears, trim and file nails smooth

Short, Smooth Coat Medium, Combo Coat Heavy, Double Coat Long, Curly Coat
Chihuahua, Pug, Vizsla, Frenchie, Dachshund, Boston, Pit Bull, Greyhound, Jack Russel, Beagle, Ridgeback, Great Dane, Boxer Cattle Dog, Corgi, Irish Setter, Labrador, Mastiff, Cane Corso, King Charles, Border Collie, Aussie, Springer, Sheltie, Pointers, Westies, Mudi, Wolfhound Husky, Samoyed, Akita, Bernese, Collie, Newfoundland, Golden, Pyrenees, Shepherd, Pomeranian, Sheepdog, St. Bernard, Bouvier Doodles, Poodles, Maltese, Cockers, Havanese, Lhasa, Bichon, Schnauzer Weaten, Portuguese Water Dog, Komondor
Standard With Haircut Standard With Haircut Standard With Haircut Standard With Haircut
0-9 lbs $49 $69 $54 $74 $59 $79 $64 $84
10-24 lbs $59 $79 $64 $84 $69 $89 $74 $94
25-49 lbs $69 $89 $74 $94 $79 $99 $84 $104
50-74 lbs $79 $99 $84 $104 $89 $109 $94 $114
75-99 lbs $89 $109 $94 $114 $99 $119 $104 $124
100+ lbs $99 $119 $104 $124 $109 $129 $114 $134

Ala Carte Items

Anal Glands $10
Bangs/around eye hair trim $10
De-Shed $29
De-Skunk $69
Extra time for extreme matting, behavior issues $35 half hour
Extra time for extreme matting, behavior issues $69 per hour
Nails trimmed and filed smooth $20
Puppy’s first haircut (extra time to introduce to grooming process) $29
Teeth brushed $10

Our groomer’s make their living on commissions. We cannot accept a grooming appointment without a valid credit card on file. We send out several text and email appointment reminders. If you don’t cancel 48 hours before your appointment, giving us a chance to fill your appointment slot, then you will be charged.