Pet Resort and Training
in North Texas!

Welcome to PlayStayTion Pet Resort and Training! Our 5-star pet resort offers dog boarding, dog training and dog grooming in beautiful North Texas.

Our Pet Chauf-fur will pick up and deliver your pet from Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas.

Our Pet Chauf-fur will pick up and deliver your pet from Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas.

Pet Chauffer

We Pick Up and Deliver Your Pet From Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana & Arkansas.

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Every room at PlayStayTion Pet Resort and Training has
indoor/outdoor access 24 hours a day.
In addition to time in the play yard, we provide daily fun activities at no extra charge!
We have the finest training program in the country.
We are open all day, every day—365 days a year.


24-hour residential supervision.

We live here so your pet is never alone.


Each dog has its own suite with solid walls between the dogs, and each suite has a dog door which allows your dog to go out to a private patio whenever he or she would like. Each patio is covered so dogs are safe from rain or hot sun. With this design, dogs do not have the stress of “holding it” until someone can walk them or let them out.


Laid back pets can enjoy a quiet, relaxed stay with lots of loving and personal attention and busy pets can play until their heart’s content.

Our dog spa is like camp! Each dog gets lots of daily exercise in our play yards, plus a different activity like:

  • Agility Lessons

  • Barn Hunt
  • Dock Diving
  • Doggy Puzzles
  • Train Rides
  • K9 Massage
  • Lure Course
  • Movies & Popcorn
  • Nature Hikes
  • Nose Work
  • Tennis Fetch
  • Swimming


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PlayStayTion Pet Resort and Training proudly uses
Dog Gone Good Treat Pouches and Clickers

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Pictures of your pet are posted daily on Facebook.